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$500 Referral Rewards!

Crescent Consulting knows the oil and gas industry. It’s about relationships – the relationships you’ve built over your lifetime or career and the relationships you are just beginning to develop. Those relationships are important, and we appreciate you trusting us not only to do our best for you, but also to do our best for your friends in the industry. As an extra “thank you” for your trust, we want to give $500 each to you and any contractor you refer to Crescent!

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Why is Crescent Consulting the best choice? Here are just a few reasons . . .

• Crescent has relationships, too! Our relationships extend into every major play in the United States. We have a dedicated, experienced, and relationship-rich sales team whose sole purpose is seeking placements for contractors. Our business is to find you the job you want.

• Peace of mind knowing you are protected! Unlike many other placement firms, Crescent carries insurance that covers its independent contractors for most work-related liabilities. You don’t need to lose sleep over insurance policies with overly broad coverage exclusions that apply to independent contractors. We are not like the others.

• We stand with you when things go wrong! Crescent does NOT require you to indemnify us for losses arising from most accidents on the well-site. Other placement firms require you to sign agreements indemnifying them for all accidents, leaving you on an island - alone.

• We know the industry. Crescent has over 100 years combined experience in the oil and gas industry. We know the ins and outs. With us, you know credible, experienced, and respected industry professionals are here - for you.