Why Choose Us?

We want what's best for you.

Why Crescent Consulting?

We know the oil and gas industry. It’s about relationships. Our relationships extend into every major play in the United States. We have a dedicated, experienced, and relationship-rich sales team whose sole purpose is seeking placements for contractors with our customers. Our business is to find the right contractor for the right job.

Quick Pay

We pay our contractors fast. And guess what, we do not charge an extra 1% - 2% for the quick pay.

Customer Service

We are in your corner every step of the way. You will be treated like family. With us, you'll have access to a real person waiting to speak with you to on the other end of the phone or your email.

Large Customer Base

We have been providing placements since 2006, which has allowed us to create a large customer base from the bigs to the small independents. Further, we ensure proper language in our customer contracts to protect the independent contractor model you enjoy.

No Indemnification

We do NOT ask you to indemnify us for accidents that may occur on the jobsite – covering you guys if an accident occurs is exactly why firms exist, and we will maintain that integrity.

Health Insurance Options

Our independent contractors are eligible to apply for health, dental, and vision insurance from reliable providers.

General Liability

All of our contractors are covered by our general liability insurance. We ensure we are in compliance with each customer's unique insurance requirements.

Ready to Become a Contractor?